My #1 Fan

Julia has been singing all day! She loves the slippery fish song. Your class has really helped her sing without abandon.   Julia loves sing class and talks about going almost every day. She’ll sing on her own too and I think it’s really helped her talk more. Your class has been a great blessing to us. Thank you!! Read more →

ERGO Baby Carrier = LOVE

I can’t gloat enough about how much I love my ERGO Baby Carrier.  It’s the best carrier around.  It’s cute, comfortable, supportive, convenient, and easy to use.  It’s the best.  I love the large pocket on the front of the carrier for my stuff.  The shoulder straps are an inch thick, for comfort.  I never feel pressure on my shoulders from the… Read more →

Play & Sort Cupcake Pan

I am always looking for new ways to entertain my baby, especially when I need to get something done. So I grabbed a cupcake pan out of the kitchen, walked around the house and filled it with things that fit. I set it down and she went to town. Read more →

Let’s Share

The biggest part about blogging that inspires me is, sharing information.  I am always wanting to share everything new I discover and learn. It has become a passion of mine since becoming a mother. Most people, (myself included) don’t like unwanted advice.  Who does?  So I thought I could share information with people looking for it.   Why not use… Read more →

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

We love Dr. Seuss’s ABC book.  After learning about this book from music class, we learned that you can sing the book with the alphabet tune.  Singing makes the book so much more fun for Mommy and Baby Bliss, we LOVE IT!  Thanks to our awesome music teacher for introducing this concept.   Read more →

Dink Dink Baby Talk

Sometimes when Baby Bliss is babbling, it makes me think of the little dink dink people in the desert from Space Balls. What sounds does your little one make? Read more →