ERGO Baby Carrier = LOVE

I can’t gloat enough about how much I love my ERGO Baby Carrier.  It’s the best carrier around.  It’s cute, comfortable, supportive, convenient, and easy to use.  It’s the best.  I love the large pocket on the front of the carrier for my stuff.  The shoulder straps are an inch thick, for comfort.  I never feel pressure on my shoulders from the… Read more →

Children are a reflection of their parents

Before having a baby, when I would look at one… they were just another baby.  Now when I look at a baby, I don’t just see another baby.  I see a little person.  A little person, observing the world around them and soaking up as much information as possible.  We tend to naturally think that babies don’t understand or know… Read more →

The Duck Project

I have been wanting to use the “6 Little Ducks” song in my music class.  I have been looking for some ducks to use!  Today, I decided to make my own little duckies in a cost effective way.  I printed out these clip art ducks that I found , cut them out and glued them to a popsicle stick.  They… Read more →

Post Halloween!

I Love Halloween!  and made my whole family dress up even though my costume was a disaster.  The company I ordered from, canceled my order because they didn’t have my costume in stock, yet never contacted me.  So, I had ordered a different costume, that wasn’t my first pick.  All costumes I wanted were out of stock in the size… Read more →